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Insurance and bonds

The accidents, damages do not warn us, they only appear with serious consequences for the person and its estate.

The prevention implies and adequate advice during the contracting, in order that once the conflict appears the resolution in favor of the client is guaranteed.

Each day there are more persons obtaining coverage for themselves, their families, homes, businesses or activity, therefore a greater specialization in insurance matters is implicated, so that the contracted is no the less than the expected or that it is unnecessarily spent, on coverage not related to the risk.

We have helped our clients in obtaining insurance that cover risks, such as jewelry, art, aircrafts, buildings, persons, transfers, as well as boats, specialized activities among others.

On the other hand, litigation against insurance companies claiming the compliance of their contracts is frequent, its procedural direction and success of the proceeding depends on the experience in the handling of these cases.

Our firm offers specialized representation in insurance in obtaining the policy and the litigation phase, the defense in any part of the Mexican republic, regardless of the coverage contracted nor the subject matter of the property protected.

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