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Electoral law

Liberty is a fundamental value, since it permits the existence of other values. Although the media, politicians or school speak about this value, defining it is not easy there are different forms of conceiving and exercising it.

To start, liberty is the situation where one has the possibility of acting or not without interferences, pressures, nor constrictions.

As of this conception the fundamental rights of individuals are captured in the laws, that guarantee them the liberties of expression, religious cult, association, transit, thinking, among others. These liberties constitute the same basis of the democratic societies.

Aware of it and committed with the values of democracy and liberty, at Rincón, Mayorga, Román, Abogados Litigantes we have directed the defense, of political parties and candidates, of their political electoral rights before local and federal instances; attaining their protection and participation in electoral campaigns in strict compliance to the legality and with that contributing to the democratic life of our society.

  • In this area our services include:
  • Defense of party rights (primary or internal elections).
  • Advising and defense during the constitutional electoral process.
  • Challenging or defending the electoral result and its rating.

Certainly our professional intervention adjusts to the political teams of work formed by the political parties and their candidates and implies the filing of legal remedies necessary before the corresponding administrative or jurisdictional authority.

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