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Class actions

As of a reform of article 17 of the General Constitution of the Republic, of July 29th, 2010, the existence of class actions begin in our Country and as of February 29, 2012 they become a reality in Mexico.

The class actions constitute a «super channel» to protect the interests and rights of defense of groups and communities that are affected in their relationships with consumption, public and private services, as well as of the environment.

We are the first law firm in the Country, with prove experience in the practice of class actions.

When a group of persons suffers a damage or is deprived from a benefit, due to acts or facts of large companies, of authorities or including private entities who make abusive or monopolistic consumption practices or due to deficient public services provided by the government or due to acts that cause damages to the environment and which consequence is affecting a community, the class actions are the most adequate mechanism to prevent, remedy, repair or indemnify all those affected in accordance to the degree and form of damage.

The class actions are part of the New Mexican law of the XXI century and we are prepared to contribute to the construction of a better access to justice, wherein this mechanism is without a doubt a fundamental tool.

In its practice or in its defense and prevention, we offer for your service our experience, with highly trained attorneys that will make the defense of these class rights feasible.

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