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Throughout almost 34 years of accumulated experience of the partners, the firm has represented and defended the interests of its clients in the different Courts of the country and abroad, judicial as well as arbitration processes.

We have participated in general and federal jurisdiction Courts, representing in some cases State and Municipal Governments and others private entities. We are pioneers in the country in the topic of class actions, unconstitutionality actions and the new Mexican constitutional relief (amparo) proceeding with the dynamic of the legitimate interest. We participate in different judicial and extra judicial procedures of the Mexican stock market.

In the general jurisdiction Courts, the firm has represented and defended clients, whose businesses in litigation have been of state and national transcendence.

We have contributed to the creation of jurisprudence for matters that have been entrusted to us and that have been solved by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation such as the following:

a) Case precedents that established JURISPRUDENCE:
There are several cases wherein, with the professional defense of the lawyers of the firm, our cases have establish judicial case precedents; two examples of the foregoing: the matter wherein the firm filed and Indirect Amparo against the legislative reform of the Treasury law of the State of Jalisco, by which the lodging tax was crated; in such process we went up to the last instance which was the motion of review and since it was against a law, the same was analyzed by the Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, issuing several favorable judgments to our clients and the respective JURISPRUDENCE was published in the Court’s Gazette as well as in the Weekly Judicial Newspaper.

b) Jurisdictional procedures in civil and commercial matters:
Our firm has defended and defends several institutions in the banking and financial field in the recovery of their expired portfolio, obtaining up to today favorable judgments in all the processes that have been sent to us.

We have also participated in the preparation of the most varied and specialized commercial and civil agreements such as purchase sale of aircrafts, of television rights, of use of name and patents.