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Class Action against PEMEX

Aug 21, 2014
Class Action against PEMEX

A class action was filed on August 19th against PEMEX for the lack of regulation to its franchisees upon permitting to sell incomplete litters to the consumers, which derives in an abusive practice of them as well as of those who have the obligation to regulate them, since it is the only supplier there is in Mexico up to now.

The lawsuit has been sent to the Tenth District Court in Civil matters of Distrito Federal, under file 535/2014. The lawsuit has been admitted and whoever desires to join the same is invited to fill out their application available in this web site. Your participation will be very important in this process.

This class action has no cost for the consumers that join the same, nor any responsibility or obligation and instead your participation can be the difference between enduring these abuses or to accomplish a change through a legal process before a Federal Judge.